Thursday, August 19, 2010

UnThrifty Thursday.....

Em Tanner Designs has had my eye (and my drool covering my laptop) since I first found them. I have LOVED personalized items since I was a little kid... I blame my mom for making me rockin' personalized items like my Strawberry Shortcake Hoodie for creating the obsession.

I so so so want a set of her "me to a tee" personalized plates for my little family. Frankly, my pretty spode dishes are taking a beating from frequent use and the time for melamine plates is upon us. So, people, this is one of those things you COULD email my husband about... of course he'd not make them look like what I think they should and I'd be pissy. Lets just hope Emily wins the lottery and can develop me up a set for Christmas... (really, its ok, I don't expect it... but I REALLY LOVE these plates:)