Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Introduction to Miss Harper....

Ok, it is pretty much assumed that this blog will regularly feature the person who legally qualifies me as a resident of Mommyland.... Miss Harper:)
The stats on the bug.... born into this world at a petite, non-hooha tearing 6 pounds 10 ounces (thank you)... she continues to dwindle down the weight percentile charts and is currently tipping the scale at 11 pounds 6 ounces at almost 16 weeks old.
She has slept through the night since her early days (please, don't throw your rotten fruit and garbage at me... God will punish me with the second born, I'm sure). She has no marketable skills... she can't roll over as of yet. She is obsessed with soft blankies and yesterday we found a spot that tickles her. Ohhh, kiddo, you are in for it... I mean, if I can ellicit your giggles with the wiggle of my fingers you are pretty much going to get more tickles than Elmo.
She is already my little fashionista.... and who is today dazzling my mom's knitting group with some ridiculous baby gap ensemble that would make your heart go all squishy. Alas, her feet are still too small for shoes... and Alex cringes at the day when they do fit shoes... his wallet may run from me in exasperation.
As a new blogger... I'm obviously talking to my followers (ahem, Kara, thanks for being #1)... but I'd like to say something that I hope my little girl will happen upon one day. Harper is the greatest thing I have ever done.... I went to Oxford, I have a law degree, I worked on Capitol Hill. I have made money, and spent it on beautiful possessions. I have known the love of a wonderful family. I have cooked yummy meals and made a comfortable home. I have seen some of the most gorgeous places in the world. This kid.... well.... she tops it all. I would live in a hovel... and wear a burlap sack and dress her in paper towels stolen from a public restroom... ok that's gross... but she would still be amazing to me. I know, I'm exaggerating perhaps... but you get my point. All I need in this world is that smiling face.... her cuddles and her coos for life to be ok. Hands down... my best moment of every day has her at its core..... For this girl I am thankful.
I can't wait for you to watch her grow up with me... but lets not hurry her too much... ok? Let's pinky swear on it....

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