Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Trials and Tribulations of....


So obviously I'm a mom. But about 8 years before I became a Mommy, I became a lawyer. To those of you who have not yet picked your vocation.... I say... do NOT become a lawyer. I often wonder why so many television shows are about being a lawyer.. I mean, it kind of sucks. Of course I practice law in a small town... so the plots of LA Law, Ally MacBeal and Law and Order are automatically out of the question... I get where that stuff is intriguing. Today, though, I don't find my job all that acceptable.

My life is always a sort of almost - but not really - turn of events where I either want to exclaim "doh" in the fashion of Homer Simpson or "arg" a la frustrated pirate. Most days that is a result of my job.

I am a jack(ie)-of-all-trades sort of lawyer. I handle public defender/pauper cases... mostly of the criminal sort.... real estate law, immigrations, divorces, and just about anything that walks in my front door.

On Tuesday I started a trial. Trials suck... and often make me daydream of Sam Waterston walking in and taking over for me... or Matthew McConahey .... yeah, lets pick him... all handsome and pre-naked bongo playing... "A Time To Kill" Matthew McConahey in his torn John Mellencamp t-shirt... he should finish this darn thing for me. I'll just sit there and watch... with a bag of popcorn (which would magically appear along with him)

The "doh" AND "arg" of the day goes to the fact that I woke up this morning after sleeping with my kid on me (yes, feel free to give me a speech about the dangers of co-sleeping) and discovered that I cannot turn my head more than straight ahead in one direction... and maybe 15 degrees to the left. God Bless my Kid, but she broke me.

Thus, here I am in a trial (that I cant REALLY discuss) with a jacked up neck, a dress that might be too small (despite the reassurances of mom and husband), a poo ton of other stuff to do... and a secretary on a vacation day.

So, if you are having a trials and tribulations sort of day... sit back... sip on something yummy... and enjoy a little Matthew in your day....

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  1. Hang in there... tough week is more than half over! And tomorrow is (un)thrifty thursday... a light at the end of your tunnel:)