Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Who Are You?...

Who Are You?

This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. I - I hardly know, sir, just at present - at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.
- Lewis Carroll

Hi. I'm Alice. A newly minted resident of Mommyland. Getting here wasn't as simple as a tumble down a rabbit hole and a chug of a shot of a magical elixir from a delicately labeled bottle. Instead, envision a frazzled youngish attorney, with a mild shopping addiction, clad in a pinafore free attire, piling on the hormone imbalance weight, while accompanied by her sweet, overly literal husband on a journey through miscarriage, MTHFR, elixirs in shot form, a pregnancy full of bloat and some 60 hour work weeks thrown in. It wasn't a tea party, to say the least. But, at last, the (chaotic and crazy) fairy tale has arrived in the form of a 6 pound eleven ounce bundle of perfection.

I emerged into Mommyland accompanied by my aforementioned trusty, dusty husband, his neverending supply of popsicles and junk food (this man would be ECSTATIC if Sour Patch Kids were declared a part of a balanced diet by the Surgeon General), our heinous menagerie of baby replacement pets who refuse to be replaced by our baby, my mom/in-home Harper caregiver, and a new group of friends who have looked pregnancy loss in the eye and kicked it's arse. I own my own law practice... work too much... miss my baby like hell when I'm there... you know what I mean?

So in this blog, I will share my battles... with controlling my postpartum without meds (I'm crazy that way:) ... with raising my daughter to be an unspoiled and unselfish person (all the while dressing her in a wardrobe I believe could rival that of Suri Cruise). I will share with you my hopes and dreams of a larger family that I hope comes without more loss or strife. I'll take some pictures. I'll dazzle you with my craftiness. I'll make you some dinner... ok, I'll make me some dinner and show you a picture of it.

As your local resident Alice, I may be perpetually late for important dates, I'll use "....." way, way too much. I'll have a tea party or two. I won't buy a bunny until my 3 dogs and 5 cats have departed this earth of old age or stupidity (chances vary by animal). I won't chop off anyone's head... but I'll totally day dream about it. I'll battle through my days and take you along.... all to make it home to Miss Harper... because Mommyland was worth the tumbles and trials to get to.... and I'm so glad we are here.

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