Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet The Husband...

So first, can I say that I Lurve his new haircut.... It makes him look all cute and stuff. I'd like to thank Melissa at Bennie & Friends for always following the haircut instructions I slip her via my hair girl to a tee. (seriously, girls, the secret to good haircuts is to have your husband get his hair cut at your salon... by a different person... so you can talk smack about him to your girl with no reprecussions or worries that she might try to "reform" him thus revealing how you talk about him when he isn't there... and then work your girl power mojo by making sure that your hair girl talks to his hair girl about how YOU like HIS hair.)

The downlow on my husband....

The Good:

He takes care of me when I'm sick. He lets me wear the pants when I want to... and will put them on himself when I really need him too. He thinks I'm pretty...even when I am not. He can cook. I'm not talkin' Ramen, girls... I'm talking Beef Burgundy and mashed potatoes. Seriously, this is a man who can make Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving Turkey... ONLY BETTER. He loves our little girl like mad... I mean he bought her a four foot giraffe this weekend as a sign of his love. And you know what they say... LOVE is a four foot giraffe. Oh, and he works for abused and neglected kids... seriously... kids.

The Bad:

He needs to go to Betty Ford for popsicles, sour patch kids, Dr. Pepper and baths. Yes, my man likes baths - no bubbles, please. He has actually been known to eat popsicles IN a bath. He also has a absolute allergy to putting lids back on things... AND flushing the toilet. If you think about it, it requires the same wrist movement. I believe it COULD be a result of his broken wrist a few years back... that or having a mom or cleaning lady follow him around as a child putting lids on stuff and cleaning up after him.

The Ugly:

He will kill me when he reads this.... but I have to put this out there... and I can see it on the front of some big tabloid when he runs for office one day. 1. His feet smell like what I suspect a dead opossum might smell like... on a hot July day... after a day or two of festering on the blacktop. This is pure speculation as I try to avoid getting close to dead opossums... and his feet. 2. When I moved him from Kentucky to move in with me, I found a drawer in his bathroom that was filled with... wait for it.

I said wait.

It's coming... so brace yourself...

used q-tips.

And our love still survived. Romeo and Juliet ain't got nothing on us.

OH, and here he is... making our girl laugh belly laughs for the first time...

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  1. I will pretend I heard NOTHING about used q-tips. NOTHING! Beyond that though, I absolutely adore that photo you took of him making H laugh! It's beautiful.