Thursday, July 8, 2010

(Un)Thrifty Thursday.

Ok... so this will be a "regular" weekly post. Cause, well, I love to shop. So I'm going to find some amazing item that I want... may not need... but want so badly that I will wax philosophically about its beauty. Thus, I shall also be dropping hints to my husband to... well... buy me a gift cause I gave him the gift of a gorgeous child.

If you are looking for a cost saving Mommy blog... look elsewhere... here... my friends... we are about spending too much, regretting it later... and eating ramen if it means our kids can have fancy hairbows:)

Today's Offering of Fabulosity:

Sweet Madys Calling Cards... for every fashionable baby with a haute couture social circle....

Squeeee. Harper is totally going to start slipping these in diaper bags around town... Kate, Delia, Kennedy and Madelyn are totally in for an invite:)... and I pray to the Lord above that we don't have an allergy to peanuts or tree nuts in our future....

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