Monday, July 12, 2010

A Monday By Any Other Name...

is still a Monday. So, I was going to approach today as the final day before the crudtastic trial I've been dreading. In general... I'm feeling that Mondays should be banned. I'm considering running for Congress with that being my primary platform issue. I think I'd win in a landslide...

Please note that is it now a bit after 6 p.m. and my Monday work day thus far included the following:

1. my darling daughter vomiting on my hair....

2. my husband driving off to a LONG ass work day with the baby's car seat in his car.

3. whilst cleaning out my car trunk at work, I discovered a block of Kraft Sharp Cheddar Cheese, unopened, which expired in June. Considering how long it takes for cheese to rot, I'm guessing that cheese has been in there since about April... festering in the heat and humidity of Indiana.... nasty... and a waste of yummy cheese.

4. I stepped in gum leaving court... thus making my flip flops make the following noise... Flip... sccchhhllllloooop.

5. My new wrap dress that I ordered to wear to my trial came - yep, none of my suits fit as I'm still quite a bit bigger than I began the getting pregnant process - and is a very Grimace-y sort of purple. My high school colors included that color. Put me in a gold hairbow and I could sing the Eastern High School Fight Song as my opening arguments. Scoooore.

6. I was greeted at my morning hearing by opposing counsel who asked... not kidding... "so, did you have your baby?". Ummm. I sure hope I don't look pregnant anymore. Or was she asking if my baby lived? Wahhh? I'm letting this one pass under the category of "people who don't know how to converse". My self-confidence is overflowing.

I had lots of other cruddy moments too... but they are all pretty securely protected from my sharing with you by the rules of professional conduct. Joy.

So, I'm home... prepping for a trial tomorrow where people are potentially getting their rights to their kids taken away.... and what am I doing? Staring at my kid... trying to be thankful... and creating a light at the end of the tunnel by planning a trip to the Children's Museum this coming weekend... not that my 16 week old will get much out of this trip, you know, but sometimes being a Mommy isn't about them getting things out of the experiences you share with them, but more about reminding yourself why you wanted to be a parent, and why you battle through the gummy flip flop of a day or a week or a month...

Thank goodness it is 6:28 pm, and my husband's credit card is attached to our Papa John's account... oh, and that I have a fabulous friend to start the 30 Day Shred with... and a sister to plot matching outfits for our kiddos with... oh, and for this face......

Because Monday sucked.... but life is still coming up roses:)

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  1. I would totally vote for you and be head of your campaign department if you banned Mondays.